Soul Fire And Life Farts: Keeping It Real

by admin on August 13, 2014

Since I’ve gotten home from the Soul Fire retreat in Montana I’ve been repeatedly asked to share “how it went.”

Doing so feels like trying to paint the birth of 30 different stars with a pencil.

In other words, I have no fucking idea how to do it.

Words can’t capture what happened as 31 of us were cosmically cocooned on sacred land while our Souls totally had Their Way with us.

Sure, from one perspective, there were things that often happen on women’s retreats: dancing, chocolate, wine, tears, laughter, story telling, feminine practices, naked rituals, flowers, altars, feathers, glitter, profound soul sisterhood and lifelong connections…

But from my perspective, there were also full-frontal revealings of humanity, cracked-open confessions of failed divine intimacy, soul retrievals that stretched time and space, shadow boxing and bruising, bodies boldly re-claiming their wild natural beauty, spiritualized ego interrogations, multi-dimensional make-out sessions, Divine Feminine deliverances, sacred re-commitments that shifted tectonic plates and unrestricted expressions of Soul that encouraged every Soul in existence to truly exist.

Most of all, there was Remembering…

“Oh yeah, THIS IS WHO I AM.”

It was pulled into and pushed from the core of the Universe AND totally and completely grounded in the messy imperfection of the here and now.

In other words, full-on-fucking miracles happened alongside horses emitting really bad gas.

Soul Fire and Life Farts.

Keeping It Real.

I’ve also been quiet because I’m still exhausted from offering the retreat. I lost ten pounds that week no matter what I ate. I shed layer-after-layer of lifetimes. I got worked so hard on every level of my Being that I had no idea how I would make it through each day.

In my experience there is nothing more powerful or more threatening (to those forces that work so hard to separate us from this truth) than Distinct Divine Beings reclaiming their Sovereignty. The forces that were working “against” us were strong, but our devotion to Remembrance was stronger. And even stronger still – the magnetic force of Love that brought our opposites together so we could simply (but not easily) experience our Souls

Showing up

In Love

and For Life.

One of the extraordinary women at the retreat, Belinda Noakes wrote a brave and beautiful blog post about her experience. Her opening words about the difficulty of writing about what happened on the retreat inspired me to start my own stumbling process of sharing here. With my red hot and holy heart, thank you Belinda.

And to each and every exquisite Soul that was present during the retreat and for all the Souls that were with us in some form or another, thank you for co-creating the Space for us all to return Home.

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