Go For the Root

by admin on January 24, 2016

As we all know, there are New Year’s resolutions that derive from our ego (and our spiritual ego) and then, there are natural impulses that arise from the deepest and truest part of us

–our Soul –

expanding and evolving,

reigniting and rewilding,

rockin’ and rollin’

our life

in ways our mind could never imagine

….or control.
Trusting our Soul’s organic timeline and tendencies over the relentless push and pull and fix and firm and change and perfect and heal and enlighten yer self paradigms that ferociously buzz inside and outside of us this time of year ain’t easy,

but it is the only way Home.

So, if you suspect that you’re getting caught in the swift currents of change that don’t derive from your Distinct Divine Being:


Take a deep breath into your soft belly.

Feel your feet sinking into mama earth.

Place a hand on your blazing heart.

And, with an honest and heated longing for your truth

(and only your truth)

invite your Soul







what your Soul wants for you this new year.

And then journal, dance, paint, pant, yodel that sweet sucker out.

Here’s a personal example:

My spiritual ego’s goal for 2016 is to finish my 3rd book, “Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human”.

But, when I ask my Soul what Her “goal” is for 2016

She swoops me up
in Her fiery loving arms
and holds me tight.

(super tight)

The Feeling this evokes in every cell of my human body is what I have been longing for all along

- more than finishing another book or healing my endometriosis or becoming financially abundant or organizing my home or communicating better with my partner.

And, experience has taught me that if I allow this Feeling of Our Embrace to be present as much as possible, all the above will benefit. Because I am actually receiving what all my ego’s attempts are trying to attain for me….but will never be able to give me.

And this liberates everyone and everything in my life.

In other words:

Soul goals come from and go to the root of It All.

Ego goals (no matter how “spiritual” or “healthy” they might sound) can only and ever prune our branches.

So, go for the root this year.

Sure, it’s buried in dirt and covered in bugs,

but it’s how everything else will bloom.

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