Feast of MM (July 22nd)

by admin on July 23, 2012


Oh Lady Who wore Red better than any Other,

I celebrate Your All today – your light, your dark, your humanity, your divinity, and most of all, your Reality.

I Remember You then and I Witness You Now…

And, You continue to blow my spiritual underpants off.

You have refused to be contained, controlled, or capped, repressed, retained, or retired.

You’ve side-stepped “those in charge”, erupting organically from the hearts of each and every one of us, demonstrating that True Love is bigger than beliefs, traditions, scholarship or theology. It resides on a frequency, a channel, a Space of Knowing that’s both mystical and mundane. It’s so refined, subtle, and yet sword-like, that “false” naturally falls apart in It’s Presence.

In other words Magdalene,

Your Moves are undeniably Badass.

Your Gifts Goose us all.

And, Your Love…
(deep inhale)

Your Love…
(deep exhale)

Offers this planet Something to stand For and sink Into…

Thank you for your strength, your perseverance, your devotion to our Whole Truth, your radical heart-breaking, life-affirming, belly-breathing, thigh-opening, wisely embodied Presence that continually teaches me what my heart, soul and vagina were truly created for.

To Know You is my soul’s Closest Memory.
To Love You is my heart’s Greatest Honor,

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