Your Castle Awaits…

by admin on January 29, 2014

I’ve had a hard time making my 2014 schedule. I’ve felt aggravated and confused. Today I inquired about the source of these feelings and saw how external forces were influencing my vision and subtly “directing” my future:

“come here, write this book, do this project, create this program, be of service on this planet like this, like this, no…LIKE THIS!”

These external forces match internal forces – my shadows, my wounds, my spiritual ego’s “goals,” my financial fears, my honest desires to be of service.

I take a deep breath into my belly,

shake my hips

and open my heart…


Suddenly, I see my Lady…running through this beautiful maze-like Castle, rose petals flyin’, fires blazin’, red robes whipping the walls as She turns one corner, then the next, slamming shut all the “doors” to external forces and inner influences that don’t support Her natural Movements.

She keeps looking back at me –

smiling with pure love,

laughing with wild joy,

beckoning me with giddy excitement

to keep following Her,

deeper and deeper

into Our Castle.

I’m stumbling behind Her… with skinned knees and nervous nods and a question mark hugging my brain. I have no freakin’ idea where She is leading me. In fact, I can’t even see around the next bend. But I remember now what I unfortunately keep forgetting:

I cannot move one inch towards my truth without Her (and only Her) leading Our Way.

My simple suggestion during this New Year’s time of resolutions and agendas, goals and guarantees:

Forget certainty.

Crawl in the dark.

Befriend the fire.


Dare to follow your Soul’s messy Mystery.

Your Castle awaits…

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